When it comes to cleaning, there is no liquid agent as efficient as vinegar. Also, vinegar stands out to be the perfect cooking ingredient and medical solution for your needs. Therefore, there is a lot you can do with vinegar due to its unique chemical composition. In the market today are different varieties of vinegar. They include apple cider, balsamic, cane, distilled, East Asian black, coconut, date, fruit, honey, kiwifruit, kombucha, malt, palm, pomegranate, raisin, sherry, spirit, and wine vinegar. Provided that an element contains traces of acetic acid, it becomes the perfect candidate for the vinegar making process.


Apart from eliminating severe stains, vinegar has been known to get rid of toilet odors with much success. To this end, vinegar is the second sought after detergent when it comes to cleaning dirty surfaces. For you to achieve a sparkling clean toilet at any time of day there are several chemicals you need apart from vinegar to get the job done. It is a scientifically proven fact that vinegar works with a lot of precision when combined with baking soda or borax paste.


For the vinegar-borax mixture, you are first required to pour in a little vinegar into the toilet bowl, distribute it with a toilet brush and let it settle on the pan's surface for close to a minute. It is only after the first step that you then pour in a little baking soda and a cup or two of baking soda and allow the two chemicals to mix in the bowl for ten minutes. When the ten minute period is over, get ready for a rigorous scrubbing exercise to get rid of any stains on the toilet. You can then flush the residue with a bucket of clean water when you are confident that all stains have gotten eliminated. Know how to shuck corn here!


When it comes to the borax-vinegar combo, you use a slightly different approach. For the borax and vinegar mixture, however, you first pour in a little borax into the toilet bowl and swish it around using a spiked brush. Secondly, you add in a cup of vinegar into the bowl and allow the vinegar and borax to mix for twenty minutes. In the third and final step, you make good use of your spiked brush to remove any irritating stains from the toilet's bowl and then flush with clean water. Check out for more info about news media.



As it turns out, cleaning with vinegar is not as complicated as it seems. Due to its unique composition, you can realize a sparkling clean toilet in less than an hour, click for more